Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gift guide, moving, and power tools!!!

Fighting crime one play town at a time is back in the gift guide! 

Ellie the Elf gets to go first again today, because her toy is the news!

The cop and robber set, which is one of my favorites, is back in the gift guide! It was in there a while, but then it was sold, so Kathy Ellen said that means it comes out of the gift guide. I don't know much about internet and things, but I do know that we sold one on January 2nd, then posted a new one. Elves never do things one at a time! We have a few more cop and robber sets. Anyway only two days later we were back in the gift guide. Kathy Ellen says that's good. She said that means people like our stuff.

I like being liked!
For now all the toys have to go into boxes, which always makes me sad. But soon we can set up shop in Tennessee and make more toys, which makes me happy.

Until next time, I'll be packing and sending my new address up to the North Pole for Santa,
Ellie the elf.

Ellie is so excited to be in the gift guide, even though she doesn't know what one really is.
I'm pretty excited too. Like she said, we were in the gift guide before, but lost our spot when the set got sold.
Seeing it back in there is encouraging, and makes me think someone out there in Etsy land must like us at least a little bit!

Packing is going well. We're leaving Saturday for Tennessee. I can't wait to see my friends and have another adventure!

For some reason it's not letting me add pictures, but I'll take a pic when my little woodshop is finally set up in TN.

I got:
  • A Delta benchtop sander, 6 inch disk, 4" belt. This one is special to me because it was my Dad's before he got really serious tools, so this thing is older than me. Also, it's the pretty Delta baby blue, the same color as most of the tools in my dad's woodshop
  • A Craftsman 9" bandsaw, straight from Sears. If Ty Pennington ever needs my help, I'll have the right tool for the job.
  • A Performance tools drill press. We found it real cheap.
  • A Set of forsner bits to drill holes. I can make some pretty big holes now!
  • A small handsander to get the little corners and such.
I'm pretty psyched.
Direct quote as we were setting tools up:
"Why would anyone want an ipod when they could get a bandsaw for 100 dollars?"
I can't wait to make EVERYTHING.

back to packing though.

until next time, I'll be uploading books on CD for the ride down,
Kathy Ellen the human.