Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I want for Christmas? 35 ideas.... and Santa?

Exciting news!

I saw these today, put them on, and wanted to get on my bike and ride through snowstorms. They are so warm, and so awesome with the lobster claw design! I am seriously dreaming of wearing them next year in the snow.
I know it's a bit late to tell Santa about this. So maybe not this Christmas.

Oh. Ellie took a break from making toys to make cookies for Santa (we finished the pizzelles) and suddenly I got a flurry of ideas! 35 to be exact! But not for toys, for cards! Very strange indeed. Must have been the smell of cookies in the air that did it.

Cards coming to the shop soon, pending a meeting with Ellie!

until next time, I'm finishing off the last pizzelle that didn't fully harden,
Kathy Ellen the human.

Santa was just HERE!
He's looking good, for all the work he's put in. He doesn't have much time, and actually just started on the east coast.
After he ate all the cookies and gave the pizzelles to the reindeer, I told him about Kathy Ellen's obsession with these gloves.

"REI has some tight security," he said with a grin, "But I'll try and see if I can get in."

He told me if he can't get in and back before tomorrow he will leave some money with a note so she can buy them. BUT DON'T TELL HER I TOLD YOU! This is secret santa stuff.

until next time, I'll be trying to figure out why anyone would need 35 different kinds of cards,
Ellie the elf.

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