Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone!
Merry Christmas!
I will later chronicle what I got for Christmas, but more craziness is going on tomorrow, so I may as well just wait. I did get money though, as Ellie the elf predicted, so I can buy those lobster gloves!
I thought I would take this post to show off the etsy buys I've made this year. Don't worry, it's not too many! And I absolutely love everything I've bought.
Ok, here we go..
I just bought this wrist cuff last night from MaryZoom. I wasn't sure it would be small enough (I have small wrists for an adult) and she responded back to me so quickly! This is such a good idea and great for running, which I'll be doing more of when I move south. I HATE holding something in one hand and not having something to balance it out in the other hand. I'm not sure why but I really don't like that. This solves my problems, it's made of recycled t shirts, and it has trees on it. Win win. Check out her shop!
This fish and doll set. Hmm. I don't even know how I stumbled upon bluebirdblessings, but I'm glad I did! I make some things out of socks and gloves, but have never seen things like these. I think the fish and doll is a great idea and good way to use up both socks. This also was pretty underpriced, in my opinion. And the shipping was free! You have got to check out her shop! There's a sale right now too! 
This business card holder is AWESOME! I realized I needed one after a craft show, and because I'm notorious for losing small things. I love that this has two pockets so I can have one side for mine and one side for others. The craftmanship on this is AMAZING...there is a button AND a velcro closure. The packaging was adorable too. I almost wanted to sent tootsytwo more money because I thought this was worth much more. If you need a business card holder, you should get this one. Heck, even if you don't.
I love this zipper pouch. I just got a new cell phone and needed something to put it in. I like that this is big enough and I can put other things in it too. Lately I've been using it for change and small bills. I love the fabrics that strawberriesandcream uses, and the shipping was very reasonable considering it came from the UK! Check out her shop!

Ok, off to hang out with my equally random siblings.
until next time, no more cheesy poofs please,
Kathy Ellen the human.

Too tired to carry on.
Hopefully will recover from Christmas by next year.

until next time, I'll be passed out on the couch watching It's a wonderful life,
Ellie the Elf.

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  1. Thank you soo much for your kind words about my work!
    Have a wonderful 2009!!
    Warm regards from sunny UK!

    Theresia xxx