Sunday, December 28, 2008

New ideas coming soon from Ellie and Kathy Ellen

Kathy Ellen said I can go first, because I have new toy ideas!

I was just thinking, what about the babies? We need to make toys for them too.
Because all kids start out as babies, and right now they have nothing to play with until they are old enough to not put toys in their mouths. Well, at least not any of our toys.

Kathy Ellen says that could pose a problem when she has to go to a baby shower. I don't know what she's worried about because babies mostly take baths, and no one goes to them except the parents. Oh well.
ok, off to work. Soon you can see, ok?

until next time, I'll be cutting, sanding, and creating,
Ellie the Elf.

Have you ever tried to explain a baby shower to an elf?
Let me save you the time: an elf won't get it.

Ellie's going crazy with new toy ideas.
I guess that's what happens after Christmas. One day of rest and right back at it.
Not to be outdone, I've got ideas too.

Because of the new move, I'm going to need some greeting cards to send to friends who, before the move, lived close, but after the move, will live far away. I'm going to make some and put them up on our shop just to see what people think. That of course after filling out transcript requests (why does my grad program want two?), watching a movie, and gathering up my stuff to get ready to go back down to MA for a week or so.

oh yeah!
I may be investing in my very own band saw.
Ellie's pretty excited. Right now we're limited to working in my dad's workshop mostly. Now we could take our stuff on the road!

New ideas should be up in a week or so? Or we may just be optimistic? Either way we're creating, and that's always a good thing.

ok, until next time I'll be working on my own new ideas,
Kathy Ellen the human.

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