Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What kind of elf moves after Christmas?

While Ellie would prefer to stay here in Massachusetts. where the weather is more like the North Pole, I have decided we are moving this little operation to Johnson City, TN.

Why? I have a few friends down there that I care about, and I realize that I'm just about ready to settle in a place for a while after this year. Unfortunately that place is no where near them. I want to be a good friend, and, while I can, I want to do something random and fun. So Tennessee here we come.

We're heading even further north for the Holidays (Plattsburgh, NY) before coming back down to pack. Ellie the elf says she's ok with the move, but I'm not so sure. She's been making a lot of toys lately and spending a ton of time in the workshop. I know that makes sense with Christmas being tomorrow (Santa is stopping by tonight to load up on some presents) but I think she may be trying to avoid me.

We'll see.

Until next time, I'll be making pizzelles for the reindeer,
Kathy Ellen the human

I can't believe we're moving! What am I supposed to wear? I've been avoiding Kathy Ellen all day because I've been working on tailoring my outfits for the hot temperatures down there. Don't get me wrong, I think living down south would be fun. Santa himself vacations in Florida during January and February. I just wasn't ready for all this extra work.

Kathy Ellen says I will still be able to make toys, so at least I have that.
Aren't you excited about Santa coming tonight?
He's stopping by (I can't tell you when) to pick up some last minute gifts I've made for some good girls and boys. I hope he brings an extra cookie or two. We're making pizzelles for the reindeer, but I'm all pizzelled out. I could go for a chocolate chip maybe. Us elves are used to just eating cookies. Transitioning to vegetables was hard.

until next time, I'll be sewing up some red and white summer clothes,
Ellie the Elf

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